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Crops Protection

ad12AgroPy offers a range of Eco- friendly pesticides for crop value protection. They protect crops from field to post harvest handling/Storage. Products compatible with Integrated Pest Management (IPM), and are Attested by ECOCERT Organic by ECOCERT with EU and NOP

Animal Protection

We provide ticks and flies solutions made from Natural Pyrethrins from footsteps of Rwandan volcanoes.

Public Health


We offer a range of pest removal services that covers indoors and outdoors mosquito control, Bed bugs, cockroach, ants, termite infestations, flies, wasp nets, rodent management, etc… use professionals in accordance pesticide standard guidelines. We are dedicated to serve you and meeting your Insect Pest Control needs in the most efficient and effective way possible while protecting our environment.

Consummer's Goods


To provide pest control products that meet the needs of the agricultural, horticultural and public health sectors. By focusing on the design of products that are environmentally friendly yet effective in pest control

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